Diet Plan For Weight Gain In 7 Days

Diet Plan For Weight Gain In 7 Days: Guaranteed

So what you will get in diet plan for weight gain in 7 days.

  • Systematic and affordable diet plan.
  • Gain 4-5kg weight in the week.

Many thin-skinned people want to gain weight, but this is not possible due to a lack of proper weight gain diet plan. If you want to be healthy, then it is essential to stay balanced.

People whose weight is appropriate according to their age and height, they enjoy a healthy life. Not only do the underweight people look weak, but their personality also does not look attractive.

In a fitisolate research-based article (diet plan for weight gain in 7 days), you will know in detail how we can increase 4 to 5 kg weight in seven days (Guaranteed) with an affordable diet plan.

You can also continue this diet plan for one month if you want to increase more weight.

How to gain weight?

There are two types of weight gain. 

Healthy Weight Gain –

how to increase weight

How can I gain weight in 7 days? In this process, we get calories from healthy food like fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

Our food is rich in nutrients in healthy weight gain, in which about 60% carbs, 30% protein, 10% fats. This food is full of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Advantages of Healthy Weight Gain

  • Agile
  • Confidence
  • Improve personality
  • Glowing skin
  • Reduce hair fall
  • No Diabetes
  • No blood pressure
  • Reduce Bad cholesterol

Diet Plan For Weight Gain In 7 Days

Unhealthy Weight Gain:

In this method, we get calories from unhealthy food like Pizza, burgers, cold drinks, Ice-cream.  

However, these foods are also very high in calories, and eating them also causes weight gain, but this gain is called unhealthy weight gain.

These unhealthy meals also increase water retention in your body, along with obesity. This food is not natural, due to adding lots of preservatives are full of high sugar, high carbohydrate, less protein, and unhealthy fats.

After eating this food, we feel very thirsty. And when we drink water, our body’s water retention increases, causing our body to become fat.

Disadvantages of Unhealthy Weight Gain-

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep Apnea 
  • Breathing problems
  • Asthma
  • Tiredness
  • Water Retention
  • Arthritis

Diet Plan For Weight Gain In 7 Days – (Healthy Weight Gain)

Meal Plan 1 – 8.30 AM

S.noDiet plan for weight gainProtein CarbsFatCalories
1 1sp Whey Protein 30 gm 2531.5121
2 1cup Oats 30gm 6263152
3 Almonds (25gm)55 11132
4 Cup Raisins (25gm)1290108
5 2g Cinnamon 0 203
61 Mango (100gm)0.815 0.4 60
Total37.8 gm 80 gm 15.9 gm 573

Meal Plan 2 – 11.30 AM Diet plan for weight gain Protein Carbs Fat Calories
1 1sp Honey 0.117064
2 1 Banana 1.1230.389
3 2sp Peanut Butter (32gm)8616188
4 1 Glass low-fat milk 8122.4103
5 2g Cinnamon 0203
6 Sprouts (Chickpea) 50gm10313180
Total27.2gm91 gm21.7gm627

Meal Plan 3 – 1.30 PM

S.noDiet plan for weight gain Protein Carbs Fat Calories
1 5 Egg Whites 161080
2 1 Whole Egg 6.30.384.9774
3 1cup Brown Rice 100gm2.6230.9111
4 20g Peanuts
5 Yoghurt (100gm)

Instead of eggs, you can also add chicken breast (roast) in Meal Plan 3. It gives protein-30gm, Carbs-0, and Fat-8gm. As per your budget, whatever is fit, you can pick.

Meal plan 4 – 4.30 PM Diet plan for weight gain Protein Carbs Fat Calories
1 1sp Whey Protein2531.5121
2 1 Banana1.1230.689
3 1sp Peanut Butter (16gm)43894
4 2g Cinnamon0203
5 cup Oat (15gm)3131.576

Meal Plan 5 – 5.30 PM Diet plan for weight gainProteinCarbs Fat Calories
1Pre-workout 5g (ON) 10gm210
25g BCAA (Any) 40

Meal Plan 6 – 7.30 PM

S.noDiet plan for weight gain Protein Carbs Fat Calories
1 1 sp Whey 2531.5121
2 2 Banana 2.2460.12178
3 5gm Glutamine 5gm (ON)0000

Meal Plan 7 – 9.30 PM Diet plan for weight gainProteinCarbsFatCalories
11 Bread or Chapati2.34130.6268
21 plate cucumber salad (50gm)0.30.5005
3Peanuts 25gm74.614161
41cup black or red beans (100gm)8235130
5 1 Tomato + 1 Onion 1.084.820.2522
71 cup cauliflower 1.985.30.125
8 1 cup capsicum1.286.910.2530

You can add fish in Meal Plan-7 at dinner time (Salmon, Halibut, Tuna, Cod). It is an excellent source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, phosphorus, calcium.

However, it is also a source of minerals like iron, magnesium, iodine, zinc, and potassium. It will give Protein-24gm, Carbs-0, Fat-1.7gm.

Meal Plan 8 – 11.30 PM Diet plan for weight gain ProteincarbsFatCalories
11 Glass Milk (245 ml)8122.4103
21sp whey Protein (30gm)2531.5121
31sp Peanut Butter (16gm)43894
41sp Turmeric (5gm)0.171.430.228

Diet Plan For Weight Gain In 7 DaysOverall Result

Day 1ProteinCarbsFatCalories
Total 236.59 gm378.21 gm100.38 gm3140 gm

Diet Plan For Weight Gain In 7 Days – (4 Bonus Tips)


Exercise increases the metabolism of the body, which causes more hunger. It also reduces stress and depression. It controls blood pressure and makes the heart-healthy.

It increases over strength and muscle strength of the body. It also helps to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good HDL cholesterol.

Add Multivitamins Tablets – 

Multivitamins are an essential micronutrient supplement for all age groups. It is a vital supplement for vegetarians. Vegetarian foods are deficient in vitamin B12, which can be fulfilled only by non-vegetarian food.

If multivitamins add to the diet, it reduces the deficiency of all the vitamins and minerals in our body also, It increases overall energy and reduces tiredness of the body.

It improves your mood and reduces stress. It helps in enhancing our memory, along with reducing anxiety. It helps in strengthening the muscles. 

Good Sleep-

Take 8 hours of deep sleep every day; it removes your body’s fatigue, reduces body weakness, and infuses energy. It also increases metabolism, improves concentration, and reduces stress. It relieves headaches and other body pain and increases immunity. 

Stay Hydrate - drink water

Stay Hydrated – Drink about 5-6 liters of water a day. It maintains body temperature; it also helps the body to function correctly.

Water makes our digestion strong, eliminates constipation, and also strengthens the muscles. It reduces water retention and detoxifies the body.


If I say exercise is only 30% and the rest of 70% is your diet, So it would not be wrong to say that a good diet increases body weight, it is possible to increase weight by 4 to 5 kg in 7 days with proper diet planning.

One simple rule to increase weight is the calorie surplus. If you take more calories from your required daily calories, then you gain weight. With the help of (Diet plan for weight gain in 7 days), I guaranteed that you could gain weight very quickly.

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